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What does FAQ stand for?
This probably has to be one of the toughest questions we have ever answered. Whenever we would ask someone, we ended up getting slapped, but after much research, we've found that it is actually an acronym for Frequently Asked Questions. So scroll on down and see if we've answered any of your questions. And if our FAQ leaves your question wanting for an answer, email us!

What's up with your sizing?
Good question. Our sizing is derived by the length and width of your foot. Not all feet are equal so we've attempted to give lots of options (we'll do quarter sizes if you ask nicely) when it comes to width, three per length, actually. Check out our sizing chart if you haven't already. If you're still not sure what size you need, or your feet are so different from each other that you need two different huaraches, email us at:, and we'll get you what you need.

What do you mean "drop"?
Simply Shod is all about transitioning to minimalist type footwear. A big component of minimalist footwear is the offset between the toe and the heel of a shoe: toe-heel drop. Standard running shoes are in that 8-10mm drop with minimal shoes ranging in the 1-3mm - and of course zero drop means there is no offset but a flat shoe. If you're confused you can email us and we'll help you out. If your curious about the drop of your current shoe you can look on the brands website or you can find your shoe over at Running Warehouse and read up on all the specs.

The last time I heard "stack" was when I lost all my pogs; do you guys sell pogs?
No. No, we don't sell pogs, yet... When you hear us referring to stack we're referring to the thickness of the sole of the huarache. Most soles are around 5mm thick. We then add to them to get the required stack. For now we'll build up to around 22mm; much taller than that and things can get a bit wobbly in huaraches.

All I want are some laces, but I ain't paying five bucks to ship them!
And right you shouldn't. We've listed extra lace sets in our Miscellaneous Collection. If you check out with $5.00 or less in your cart, the shipping should be free, if it's not, tell us. We'll get it sorted.

You don't have what I want!
Believe it or not, we might not have exactly what you want listed on our website - I know, unbelievable! - but check this out: we'll make you exactly what you want! (Still unbelievable, I know!) Read upon our Cinderella Treatment and dig into our material list then email us with your secret recipe. We'll get back to you and come up with just what you need. No joke.

 So, what's your return policy like?
We're a confident bunch at Simply Shod. And while we aren't always confident the office coffee pot won't overflow grounds everywhere, we are confident in our shoes. We're so confident you'll love them, that we'll take them back from you in the first 30 days. Even if you wear them! Go ahead and put some miles on those foot thrones, get the laces dialed in, and then tell us you don't love them. If you really don't love them, then shoot us an email and we'll get it sorted. (If you think they might be the wrong size, let us know before you go trash them. Return of Cinderella Treated shoes is not guaranteed.).

So, like, why aren't they here yet?
We know, we want you to have your Simply Shods right now, too. It's okay, they will come. Once you place your order, we start constructing your Simply Shod specifically for you. Depending on how intricate you want your Foot Thrones, it will probably take three to four days to create your Simply Shods. Once they're created, we'll bring them over to the USPS, drop them off, and send you an email with a tracking number. Once you have the tracking number, you can schedule time off from work so you can meet the mail person at the mail box and give your feet the freedom they've been longing for.

The Tracking number says they're here, but they're not...
That's a real mellow-harsher. Please contact us right away and we'll work with the post office to rectify the situation.

That's it? I still have questions!!
If you read up on our Foundation, our Make It Fit sizing chart, and our FAQ and still didn't come up with an answer, we have to commend you for coming up with a really good question. We also have to apologize for not answering your question. Please email us with any questions and we'll get back to you. And we'll probably update our FAQ and maybe even give you credit!