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Make It Fit!

When you go to the store and pick up a pair of those awful foot coffins, you're buying just that: a box for your feet to stankify (especially if you're Dutch...). If your coffins are a little big, that's good; your feet need room to swell, atrophy, and become misshapen as they die. Simply Shod is different. Instead of a box to die in, we offer you a platform to thrive on. At Simply Shod, we want your feet to do the work they were built for while we aid in protecting against little sharp pointy things like dead cedar needles, cat briers, holly leaves and lurking rocks.

In the traditional shoe world, sizing from one brand to the next is rather unscientific and what may work in one brand, will be too small in another. Due to our small size and attention to detail we've attempted to keep our sizes in the same range as some of the big brands but have been more precise with our sizing increments. All the same, we recommend that you measure your foot as follows for the best Simply Shod fit:

1.) Put a piece of paper flat on the ground, against the wall.
2.) Put your heel against the wall and step on the paper.
3.) Mark the paper at the end of your longest digit.
4.) Mark either side of your foot at the widest part.
5.) Measure the distance from the edge of the piece of paper to the mark and the distance between the two width marks. 

Once you have these distances - in millimeters - find your "foot length" on the chart below and read across, that's what size you need. Now figure out what width would suit you best.

Some things to think about:

  • Measure twice, order once.
  • If you have ape feet, you may need legal paper to measure length (or width?).
  • Ideally, your Huaraches should be just a shade longer than your toes. You don't want too much extra length on the front, but you don't want to be hanging off the front either.  If you plan to only wear them to attract the attention of foot model head hunters everywhere, then you have more leeway for length.
  • If you want a truly custom fit, you can trace your feet and we'll give you the Cinderella Treatment at no extra cost. If you'd like the Cinderella treatment or you can't figure out our sizing chart, please email us and we'll help you sort it.
  • Smaller feet have less room for discrepancies.
  • If you insist, we can do a quarter size, just for you.
  • If you're bigger than a 13, we can go bigger, too.
  • All measurements are listed in millimeters.
Foot Length:
(In mm)
Simply Shod Size Narrow (D)
(In mm)
Average (E)
(In mm)
Wide (EE)
(In mm)
220 4 85 90 95
224 4.5 87 92 97
228 5 89 94 99
232 5.5 91 96 101
236 6 93 98 103
240 6.5 95 100 105
244 7 97 102 107
248 7.5 99 104 109
252 8 101 106 111
256 8.5 103 108 113
260 9 104 110 116
264 9.5 106 112 118
268 10 108 114 120
272 10.5 110 116 122
276 11 112 118 124
280 11.5 114 120 126
284 12 116 122 128
288 12.5 118 124 130
292 13 120 126 132