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Meet the Team

Every four months, we will start a new Transition Class of 3-5 individuals who have decided to undertake the journey to minimalist running. Just as we all run at our own individual paces, our Transition Team members will transition at their own pace, sharing their transition stories on our blog. If you would like to become a Transition Team member and join our ranks, you can apply here.

Class of May 2017

Transition Team Member John McKayJohn Robert McKay has been running for almost 12 years. He is also visually impaired. John loves running. He loves the feel being out in nature and pushing to new limits. He has said on multiple occasions: "I have a goal of one day running an ultra of 100 miles."  For sometime he has wanted to convert to the zero drop lifestyle because of the added health benefits to feet, shins and the rest of the body. You can find him on twitter @johnrMckayIII, on Instagram @theblindrunner3624, or his blog.

Simply Shod Transition Team member Jonathan YoungIn 2014, Jonathan Young started a fitness journey that began with just wanting to lose weight. Since that start with brisk walking at a local 5K, he has lost 100+ pounds and rediscovered a love for getting out there and testing his limits in God's magnificent playground. He has done everything from the usual road distance races to sprint triathlons to a Spartan Trifecta in 2016 to various ultramarathons (his favorite). Inspired by the stories of numerous ultrarunner heroes and motivated by his wife and two sons, he continues to improve fitness as he searches for his limits and then just one step more. You can follow him on his blog.

Simply Shod Transition Team member Canadian Ghost Runner's blog.Joshua Slykhuis is an ultra runner from Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada. The frozen north. He has been a runner since he finished first 20 minute run in grade 7. It's been his hobby for 20 years, and his passion for the last three years, when he discovered ultra marathons.
He has a passion for promoting running, fitness, and a positive lifestyle. Minimalist running has been a major factor in this quest, as it has helped him remain injury free. One of his goals for the 2017/2018 season is to complete a half marathon barefoot or close to it.
You can find him on Twitter @CanGhostRunner or his blog.