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The Cinderella Treatment

So you've discovered the Cinderella Treatment, congratulations. (It wasn't that hard so don't get too haughty). And to be honest, we can't fix you all up in a fancy carriage and dress; we can only fix your shoes up. You'll need to find another fairy godmother to dress up the rest of that mess.

On this page you will find two options. If you'd like to watch a video on how to trace your foot, scroll to Page 5. If you'd like to read up on our materials and then create your own, turn to Page 45.

Page 5 - The Foot Trace Video

Here's a fancy little video you can watch: Fancy Simply Shod Video.

When you trace your foot, try to keep the angle of your writing utensil uniform. You don't want it angled out away from your foot, but you don't want to angle it in sharply under your foot either. Try to keep your utensil 90*. When you're done, take a look and make sure the outline of your foot just kisses your foot. It's probably best to have someone else do this for you. You really ought to do this a couple of times and see how closely they compare. Once traced, you have two more options. If you choose to brave the workings of the USPS, skip to Page 23. If you choose to trust Al Gore and his Cyber Space, go to Page 38.

Page 23 - Braving the USPS

So you've decided to brave the USPS. They're a hard working group of dignified souls who brave barking dogs, icy roads, and angry customers. Your job here is fairly simple. All you need is an envelope, a stamp, and a way to convey your tracings to a mailbox. First, on your tracing make sure to include your name, address, email (if you have one...), and phone number. Fold that baby up and stuff it in the envelope. Once inside, you can seal your envelope with tape, glue, or spit; your choice. Next scribble your return address on there somewhere and add some postage. Then, very carefully, address the envelope to us:

Simply Shod
2204 Oconee Church Road
Dublin, Georgia 31021

As soon as we get your tracings we will contact you about your specific design of choice. So be ready, and patient.

Page 38 - Trusting Al Gore

What an audacious soul you are, trusting something you can't touch, see, smell or feel! In order to do this you'll need access a scanner. Before you scan your foot tracing into the computer you'll need to draw a triangle someplace on the paper. Make sure to label the length of each side. Also, include your name, mailing address, and phone number on the tracing. Once you've gotten all that information somewhere on the paper, go ahead and scan it in. Save the file, naming it your first initial and last name. Attach it to an email and send it off to us: Once we recieve your email, we'll email you back and let you know what we've recieved. At this point we'll answer any questions you have and get started on your Foot Thrones. 

Page 45 - Aren't You A Princess

Opting for the full Cinderella Treatment, you've gone all in. Follow the link to a page filled with all the materials we have to concoct your glass slipper (don't worry, it's not actually glass...).  Before you venture on over, you need to know what kind of stack and drop you want. (If you don't know what that is read up here.) If you're unsure about what you might need to either match your current shoes, or to help you transition to more minimal footwear, please email us and we'll gladly help you along. So if you're sure you want to get the full Cinderella Treatment, complete with custom huaraches (sorry, no pumpkins, horses, or mice) all you need to do is just give it one, more, click...