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The Brown Bottoms+6

The Brown Bottoms+6


The Brown Bottoms with a 6mm heel-toe drop.

You love nature. You dig nature. You want to romp with nature. The Brown Bottoms will let you be nature. A dark brown Vibram Newflex sole topped with a fawn colored leather that patinas to the finest brown sugar you've seen, ready to blend in with any earth jiving function you find. Add on Coyote Brown laces and you will run wild with the fauna. Just get your affairs in order before you head out; there's a good chance you might end up like McCandless. Guaranteed to last at least 120 days.

Dark brown Vibram Newflex sole, chrome tanned leather footbed, 8mm stack, 6mm heel-toe drop.

The Brown Bottoms (0mm heel-toe drop)
The Brown Bottoms+3 (3mm heel-toe drop)

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