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The Cherry Upside Downs

The Cherry Upside Downs


Remember when you were in college and you'd come home for winter break? Remember walking into your house to be greeted by your parents and that warm comforting smell of your mothers homemade Pineapple Upside  Down Cake? She would take it out of the oven and let it cool a bit, then flip it over for everyone to marvel at the golden pineapple slices. And if the break was short enough, there would be left overs to bring back to your roommates, of course, you always devoured it on the ride back to school.

Our Cherry Upside Downs are even better. (Just don't tell your mother.) We start with a Vibram Cherry sole, a criss-cross weave pattern gives you just enough traction to venture into the woods, but it isn't so gnarly that you can't stay on the roads. And it's super durable. Top it off with a leather Chrome Tanned footbed and you're ready to go. The most marvelous shoe everyone will want, but you'll keep to yourself.

7mm stack. Size 9.5 11oz/pair.

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